Monday 15 April 2013

Spend the Day Praying

Hi all!

I hope you don't mind me making a personal post today? I guess they're all pretty personal anyway - it wouldn't be much good me writing about anyone else, would it?!

So I passed my driving theory test! I'm halfway there and now I just have to pass the practical test before I'm a fully licensed driver, it's about time!

Back on March 1st, when I booked my tickets to the Days of Wonder event (also here and mentioned in this post) in Hull, I decided that I would need to pass my driving test in order to get there. It's just not financially feasible for me at the moment to stay in a hotel for the three days, and if I were to get a train there and back every day I'd need to leave early to catch the last train. My family aren't interested in coming so I don't have a lift with them, the only option was to trust in God and get my driving test passed so that I can drive myself.

Now, a wonderful friend from church has offered me a lift, so it would be so easy to sit back and relieve some of the pressure but I have faith in a mighty God and I believe I'll be able to drive by then, if I just push through.

I haven't sat a test or exam since my A Levels, back in 2007 - my degree was all coursework based so I was a little out of practice and, to be honest, quite nervous! I have to admit, I've never been into revision, even at school and sixth form I managed to coast along without putting in much effort (note: I'm not saying this is a good thing - I could have achieved much higher results if I'd tried!) Last night, though, I got a bit nervous and decided to revise a little. It didn't help much; the only way I could see to bring myself back into peace was to pray over it.

I took myself off to the shower to pray, came back to do some more revision and prayed some more. I prayed as I was dropping off to sleep and woke up this morning, praying again. I prayed all the way to my appointment and then as I sat at the computer, ready to take my test, I prayed again. I was so at peace because I knew that God had already pre-determined the course and the outcome. He knew which questions would come up and if I passed, it would be because it was in His Will. I was able to fully submit to the Lord and be able to say "Your will be done", and be at peace with whatever happened. Even so, at every single question, I prayed - either to ask for the Lord's guidance or to thank Him because I knew the answer from my practice tests.

When the test finished, I collected my belongings from my locker and handed back the key. The gentleman then gave me my results: an A4 sheet of paper, folded in half with some kind of booklet inside. I was too scared to look! I went right away to the toilets and prayed over it. Again, I said thank you to the Lord for the experience and for being with me. I accepted that whatever the outcome, it was His will and I would acknowledge and respect it.

I didn't look until I'd met back up with Riki, and here's what I found (I wasn't sure if I should publicise personal things like driving licence number etc, so I just blacked it out)

I thanked the Lord and have been praying prayers of thanksgiving all day. I'm so in awe of the Lord and what He can and will do, if only we'd let Him! There's no way I'd have done this in my own strength and by my own knowledge.

I know that for some people, passing their theory test is not a big deal at all, and it wouldn't have been for me, except that I had so much riding on it. I can't afford to fail if I'm going to be driving to Hull, alone on the motorway, in less than two months!

Now, I've just got to get a little more driving practice and pass the practical part of the test. The law says I have two years, but my heart tells me I have less than two months. There's no earthly way at all that this is possible, but I will pass my test and to God be the glory!

So really, I've had a kind of day of prayer, and I've had such a wonderful day. I'm going to make an effort to spend the day praying more often!

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